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Canadian employers

Do you experience a labour shortage and wish to hire a foreign worker?

Step by step:

  • PRIMO, acces admissibility  of your business to various governmental requirements;
  • Take legal steps for your selected candidates to obtain a temporary work permit or permanent residence. Immigration PRIMO will support you in these procedures.

Immigration PRIMO considers the company best suited to recruit and select its future employees. But when cicumstances won’t let you find skilled candidates for the positions you wish to fill, Immigration PRIMO offers its SECUNDO service to support you in your regional, national and international recruitment activity.

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Foreign candidates

Dreaming of moving to Canada to live and work?

Step by step:

  • PRIMO, obtain the legal authorization to visit, work or study in Canada. Your project is important and our priority is to guide you, assist you and represent you.
  • Our SECUNDO service will support you in your job search. Whether you are in Canada or abroad, services tailored to your needs and distribution of your profile will help you find the right job for you.

Immigration PRIMO and its SECUNDO service offers you a comprehensive solution through analysis of your professional and personal profile. These results will provide you with hints to select the province and the region meeting your needs, thus optimizing installation in Canada.

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