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Hiring a Skilled Foreign Worker for Quebec and Canada

Consulting and coaching of Canadian companies for the employment of foreign workers

Is shortage of skilled labour an obstacle to your growth? Your solution starts here.

Immigration PRIMO regularly coaches Quebec companies in their local, regional or international hiring activities. Candidates actively looking for work are ready to meet you now or in the near future.

Services offered

• Initial consultation:
Required diagnosis before hiring temporary or permanent foreign workers. Evaluate your eligibility to various programs to fully understand what international hiring involves;

• Development of recruitment strategies:
Review current strategies and offer solutions well-suited to the reality of the company, the region and the business sector;

• Representation and coaching in the selection of candidates:
Immigration PRIMO offers international recruitment services tailored to your needs. Selected candidates are assessed on their technical skills, but also on their eligibility for current temporary or permanent immigration programs;

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• Takeover of legal proceedings:
For Labour Market Impact Assessement (LMIA) , temporary work permits, status extension and selected or hired candidate eligibility assessments, you will be represented by experts in your dealings with authorities such as Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, Service Canada and Québec’s Ministère de l'Immigration, de la Diversité et de l'Inclusion;

• Orientation and integration of foreign candidates:
Entry in the country is an important step, but to ensure your worker safely and lawfully starts his job in your company, some important steps must be taken. Your workers will be prepared for their integration into your team;

• Coaching towards Canadian permanent residence and citizenship:
Through this service, your temporary workers, regardless of their status upon joining your company,will be coached in their subsequent steps to retain any legal status required to work and live permanently in Canada.