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If your employer clients have specialized positions to fill, check out our available candidates page. Some are readily available for on-site interviews. With our SECUNDO service, we offer candidates who manage their project to immigrate and who will be coached along the way by professionals. The pre diagnosis (choice of region, psychometric test, adaptability and mobility project assessment) allows to evaluate and appreciate what motivates their decision to settle in Canada. It is a life project well thought out and held together.

After this process with us, they are able to make choices in relation to their real aspirations, fostering longevity of their immigration project. Your employer clients will hire workers better prepared for such a big change and witness the impact on retention of  temporary foreign workers.

Keep up with our candidates’ arrival in Canada to schedule interviews with Canadian employers.

To provide optimal service to our foreign clients, a company eligibility diagnosis is required. This step will avoid disappointing situations and unnecessary delays in international recruitment projects.