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Immigrate and Work in Quebec and Canada

Immigration Primo, professional consulting services for foreign workers

First step?
Immigration to Canada changes regularly. Available programs vary with the demographic and economic needs of our country. Immigration PRIMO offers initial consultations to determine which currently available programs match your profile. Whether you are alone, in a relationship or a family, you will have a better understanding of conceivable solutions, timeframes involved and approximate fees for each of the proposed avenues.

You have a valid document for entry into Canada?
You have on hand proof of your permanent residence, an open temporary work permit, a WHV or other permission to enter Canada. Our SECUNDO service helps you seek employment with a complete profile diagnosis. This service will help you choose what is right for you. After the diagnosis, your application may be offered on our site to Canadian employers. Depending on your expectations, we will help you seek employment.

You have found a job in Canada?
If you have found a Canadian employer offering you a temporary or permanent work contract, we can coach and represent you in applying for a work permit and a Labour Market Impact Assessment. Your employer may be exempt from this step. We can assess whether you need a work permit and which requirements must be met by the employer.