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Coaching for your Immigration Project to Quebec and Canada

Fact-finding mission


If you wish to invest a little more on this great immigration project, we offer coaching in your search for employment and a suitable region:

  • Evaluation of your profile for the Canadian labour market;
  • Review and editing of your resume (CV);
  • Psychometric tests depending on your field of expertise;
  • Publication of your application on our candidates page;
  • Job hunting assistance by targeting potential employers with you;
  • Half-day conference during your stay to learn more about working conditions, housing, banking, etc.;
  • Help in planning a visit to targeted regions and potential employers.

Cost: customized depending to your needs

This package requires active involvement on the part of the client in the search for solutions. This is not a takeover, but coaching to answer any questions and limit the effects of bad perceptions or information.